"Hope Must Never Die"///अमन कुमार

Whenever I enter my class
No one wants to give me pass
I don't know the reason, why?
But, I feel then really shy.

I think they do so, because I am fool
I may be fool, but my soul is cool
Some tease and most laugh at me
I satisfy myself by saying, "let it be"

I hope one day I'll also be
among intelligent one
Then, the number of teaser
and laugh-er would be none
I hope only, this hope may never die
So across this life
 I may ever not feel shy

----अमन कुमार,मधेपुरा.
"Hope Must Never Die"///अमन कुमार "Hope Must Never Die"///अमन कुमार Reviewed by मधेपुरा टाइम्स on June 03, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. tum jo bhi kavita likhte ho wo sab bahut achha hai.mai chahunga ki tum isi tarah kavita likhte raho

  2. शुक्रिया अभिषेक जी ।


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