शरद यादव पहुंचे मधेपुरा,कई योजनाओं का उदघाटन

रूद्र नारायण यादव/२१ जून २०११
स्थानीय सांसद सह जदयू के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष शरद यादव कई माह बाद आज मधेपुरा पहुंचे और कई योजनाओं का किया उदघाटन. वे मधेपुरा स्थित अपने आवास पर ठहरे हैं.आज वे सबसे पहले मुरलीगंज के रघुनाथपुर पहुंचे जहाँ उन्होंने मृतक मुखिया के परिवार से मिलकर उन्हें सांत्वना दी.चार दिवसीय दौरे में आज पहले दिन उन्होंने कुमारखंड के लक्ष्मीपुर गाँव में मुख्यमंत्री सेतु योजना के तहत एक पुल का भी उदघाटन किया.इसके अलावे कई छोटे-बड़े पुल-पुलिया, सड़क एवं सरकारी भवनों का भी उदघाटन किया.इस मौके पर उन्होंने जनसभा को संबोधित करते हुए कहा कि हमारी सरकार गली, मुहल्ले से लेकर राजधानी तक की मूलभूत
समस्याओं को प्राथमिकता के आधार पर दूर करेगी और लोगों को खुशहाली एवं अमन-चैन देगी.उन्होंने नव निर्वाचित पंचायत प्रतिनिधियों को ईमानदारी का पाठ पढ़ाते हुए कहा कि अगर लोकतंत्र के सबसे निचले  पायदान पंचायत में ईमानदारी से कार्य को सरजमीन पर उतारा गया तो बिहार ही नही सशक्त राष्ट्र का निर्माण होगा और देश खुशहाल हो जायेगा.महात्मा गांधी के पंचायती राज्य व्यवस्था की यही मुख्य धारणा थी.
शरद यादव पहुंचे मधेपुरा,कई योजनाओं का उदघाटन शरद यादव पहुंचे मधेपुरा,कई योजनाओं का उदघाटन Reviewed by मधेपुरा टाइम्स on June 21, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. सिर्फ उदघाटन ही है, परिणाम में होते हैं अधूरे या गुन्व्त्ताविहीन योजनायें. उन्होंने कई वर्ष पहले मधेपुरा के समीप गणेश स्थान के पास शीत गृह का उद्घाटन किया था और यही पटल पर अंकित है. परन्तु बाद में यह मात्र FCI का गोदाम निकला. तो मधेपुरा के लोग उद्घाटन और धोके के आदी हो चुके हैं. मुबारक हो.

  2. Er Deepak YadavFriday, 24 June, 2011

    Mr suraj yadav dont try to do politics here. u r responsible person . i can't imagine dat kind of remarks frm ur side .
    that was not उद्घाटन but foundation stone ceremony by Mr Sharad yadav (food minister dat time) but just after some month... "Ur leader" of NCP "Mr PAWAR" hold dat portfolio n do all d stuffs .. to ignore the madhepura & proposed cold storage is rt now so called FCI का गोदाम.... So dont Try to mislead d People of madhepura . Mr Sharad Yadav is representative of Madhepura & He is doing right things 4 better madhepura..

  3. Er Deepak Yadav or whatever. Even Laloo Prasad and your boss Sharad Yadav do not dare stop me from politics, then how do you expect that I'll listen to any tom, dick or harry! You must know that I have blood of Late Lamented Rasbihari Lal Mandal, who dared British with all their might even before Mahatama Gandhi and I cannot be cowed down.
    Meanwhile, I comment only after getting my facts straight, and that too through RTI. I challenge Sharad Yadav on it, and let him issue an statement on this. Sharad Yadav, as a Minister mislead the people of Madhepura by calling FCI godown at Ganesh Asthan, Madhepura as a "Cold Storage" and it is proven by the Stone plate erected there. He is liable to be sued for it.Further, he gave its contract to his near and dear ones including his brother-in law and I charge him for graft as well.
    This is not the only issue. People of Madhepura can see the lost stone foundation stone laid jointly by Sharad Yadav & Laloo Prasad in front of Collectorate, Madhepura claiming to be " a 60 Bed Hospital". So, people of Madhepura are used to getting misled by this National Leader, who can hardly manage to ever win from his home constituency and has sought asylum at Madhepura.
    I have no time to enumerate the faux-pas played by him. You can see the promise on Baluaha Bridge and Rail situation at Madhepura etc for yourself.
    The message is that if you do not see the Sun (Suraj) in the broad daylight, the Sun cannot be blamed but is entirely the fault of the the 'bird' itself.
    And by the way, Sharad Pawar is NOT my leader. I treat people of Madhepura above all 'Sharads'!

  4. Mr suraj yadav m not interested in ur family background & in ur politics .i concern abt d madhepura's development.Few months ago on MADHEPURA TIMES i read dat u joined congress.if u really want to do some thing abt madhepura den y not u contacted ur UPA govt ministers 4 d development of madhepura .. u talked abt d railways,fci i.e matter of union list.u should contact earlier with d concern authority if u want d progress of madhepura.
    Second thing ...
    As u called Sharad yadav as my Boss ,4 ur concern i want to tell u dat i m not in politics n doing my professional job..i respect MR Sharad yadav as my representative.4 ur kind information Mr sharad yadav was also mp frm different places since 1974 and our constitution permits it. Why not u arise Question abt Sonia ghandhi dat she is frm italy n she should not contest election frm Rae Bareli ?/ or in the other way ..Delhi's people should arise d question dat suraj yadav or any other bihari should not allow to do job here....right ..?only sick people says dat i m marathi or bihari etc. The main thing is WE all r INDIAN .dats importent. 3rd thing.
    u also not manage to ever win frm ur so called home constituency.any one cant say dat this constituency belongs to myself only.people r not accepting u .. u cant be above d people's verdict.
    final thing ..
    i dont have any personal problem with u .if any of d my words hurts u den m sorry .lastly if u really want to see the progress of madhepura den contact wid ur leaders 4 better madhepura.
    lastly i m thankful to MADHEPURA TIMES & Rakesh singh ji 4 giving space 4 debate on madhepura progress.

  5. Er Deepak Yadav, I am neither interested in your job, and if you make adverse comment you should be informed.
    It's good you read that I joined Congress, but for me, concern for people of Madhepura is prime. If I write about our contribution for Madhepura, it would be too long and boring on Madhepura Times. Let me recall a few - We are the first group to get RTI information and on its basis got the corrupt sitting DM of Madhepura arrested for Medicine Scam in 2006, the first instance of its kind in India. We got action initiated against Corrupt and characterless SDM, Uda - Kishunganj for flouting Election Commission directives on voters in 2003-2004. We initiated inquiry and action on Scholarship Scam of One Crore Rupees in which two private College Principals were arrested. Inquiry is on in our Complaint of about one Crore Handpump Scam. Another Scam by Engineers of Building Construction Department, Madhepura for farce and illegal constructions at Jail and Hospital etc is being inquired into. (By the way, I suggest that you advice your colleagues (Engineers) to be real Indians and desist from getting into scams because most of them here are neck deep into corruption.) Just to mention about Railways, the coolies of Madhepura were cheated during Laloo Prasad's tenure and not given jobs of Gangmen as per announcement. On our agitation all of them were ultimately given justice, and MP Sharad Yadav looked the other way when they had approached him. And on beginning of train services at Madhepura, our group, inspite of being in UPA staged an unique protest at Madhepura Railway Station. See link - http://youtu.be/y5I1LOakM3g.
    And for your information Sharad Yadav has not uttered Madhepura in Parliament after getting elected this term (Refer Parliament proceedings).
    And to remind you Sharad Yadav got elected only once from his home constituency Jabalpur in around 1974, when as Students Union leader he was support jointly by entire opposition. He then got elected from Badayun (UP) courtesy Mulayam Singh Yadav, but got defeated after falling apart from Mulayam Singh ji, and never looked towards UP. He has got elected from Madhepura by default and first time courtesy Laloo Prasad, but his treatment towards people of Madhepura is worst than feudal. Madhepura is a land of great people and its contribution to Indian politics has been recognised for several years even before independence. It is shame for Madhepura that a mediocre outsider should be representing this place. He has become a cow which grazes at Madhepura and is milked at Delhi, and I am aware that Delhi is India's capital. But the loss is entirely of the people of Madhepura. I am well aware of our constitution and know that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi do not belong to Rae Bareli and Amethi. But have you visited Rae Bareli or Amethi? And if yes then you must have noticed the progress there. And compare Madhepura to those constitencies, and Sharad Yadav is also a 'national leader'!
    Iam posting another link of the BP Mandal Bridge for you to see.
    So, if you want to see progress of Madhepura don’t just sermonise, but act as we have been doing for many years now.
    Jai Hind.


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