Life And Dream

Life and Dream
Exists always together
Dream always breaks…….
Why won’t it break?
But facing the pain is must with it
Birth and pain are alike here
Someone’s dream are fulfilled
But most earn pain with life
Tears are just……..
Reflection of earned pain
People says tears are precious
Although emotions are worthless
All are devotee of mean
Relationship however deep it may be
Is also very weak
Just like a dream
That was a truth earlier
Who would be of mine relative
I think I would known never
In this full of pain and stressful world
How would one live alone
O’ Almighty God………….
In Mahabharata
As you enlightened “Arjun”
Preach me guide me
Simplify me all.

--नीरज कुमार (पूर्व ई-टीवी संवाददाता, मधेपुरा)
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